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Virtual domain name registration and renewal

Virtual domain names, such as, are desirable for several reasons. They present a solid, professional image for your company on the Internet and promote company identity. Email can be addressed to your virtual email address such as, which will forward it to your real email address. Virtual domain names are portable; they allow you to move your website to another server without having to change your web address.

We will research and register your domain name for you. The registrar charges $9* for the first year and each year thereafter. If you have already registered your domain name and want to host your website with us, we can update your domain name account for you.

*The registrars' registration fee and renewal period are outside of our control and therefore subject to change without notice.

Host your website with us.

Hosting is the storage and display of your website's files on the Internet. Our hosting service includes setting up our server to receive your website and uploading your website's files to our server. With our hosting service you will also receive:

  • 500 Mb (Megabytes) of disk space to store your website's files
  • 50 Gb (Gigabytes) of traffic per month
  • virtual email addresses and email forwarding
  • access to our secure server for an additional fee

The hosting period begins when your website, or any part of it that contains your company name and contact information, is uploaded to our server and made available for public display on the Internet.

Our dedicated hosting server has 24/7/365 manned monitoring, support and maintenance, multiple tier 1 connectivity and backup diesel generators in the event of a power outage.

If you are a web designer, feel free to contact us regarding your clients' hosting needs.

Hosting Fees

One-time domain name setup fee:  $50.00*
Hosting fee:  $22.50 per month, paid quarterly or annually

*The $50 domain name setup fee is waived if you choose the annual hosting period, pay one year's hosting in advance and keep your website with us for one full year.