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Establish a web presence for your business.

Working closely with you, we will custom-design a website that is tailored to your business needs and goals. We will answer all of your questions, so that you will have a complete picture of how the process works and what you can expect from us.

We will research and register the domain name you desire and set up your completed website on our server or the server of your choice.

"Starting a new business is daunting. It's one thing to find the ideal location, stock inventory and open the doors to the public. But when your business is done solely over the Internet, finding the right web designer is crucial. In Page Crafters, we found professionals who were willing to spend the time (in our case extra time) educating us on the process of creating a website from scratch. They listened to our ideas, answered our questions in a timely manner and programmed our website in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing but very user friendly.

"After having been 'live' on the Internet for only a matter of days, my husband and I heard of an industry expert looking for new businesses to feature on MSNBC's "Today" show. We quickly sent an email to this "gift" expert, along with our brand new web address and product summary. Out of hundreds of submissions and having only our website to go by, she chose ours to be among the few she will feature! Needless to say, Sweet Elise European Treats looks forward to a long and fulfilling business relationship with Page Crafters!"

Sue Cope Trahan, Co-Owner Sweet Elise European Treats

Design features

Some of the design features that we can incorporate into your website are:

  • searchable SQL databases to store product and other data
  • webpage generator applications that extract data from a database on demand and display it as web pages in real time
  • high-level web applications such as auctions, on-line storefronts (with shopping carts, secure credit card ordering and processing), messaging centers, membership signup and event registration
  • product catalogs
  • panoramic digital photography
  • private-access forums for internal company communications
  • streaming multimedia services with video and sound
  • java special effects, such as scrolling information windows
  • interactive forms such as registration forms, order forms, information submission forms and marketing surveys
  • company newsletters
"Originally, we were thinking of learning how to design our own website, but then we decided to focus on our business instead and hire a professional website design firm.

Making the decision to have Page Crafters design our website was the best decision we ever made. The success of our business is the proof of that.

We get a lot of feedback from customers and suppliers complimenting us on how tastefully done and user friendly our website is.

Our website keeps us really busy, so updates are critical. Moving our business to the web was the best thing we ever did, and Page Crafters is our life line."

Bea Ellis, Bea Ellis Knitwear

Your website could be more than just a source of information.

Most websites are simply informative, which might be appropriate given the situation.

But your website can do much more for you. It can be interactive and provide custom information to your customers or allow them to make transactions online, saving you time and money.

The most familiar example is the online storefront or shopping cart application. But much more is possible.

Some examples are the custom applications we developed for:

  • a business council to help them manage their membership signup, renewals and event registration
  • a charitable organization to accept monetary and fundraising donations
  • service providers to display month at a glance calendars with links to view details and online ordering of services
Training Wheels, Inc. offers motorcycle rider training for all skill levels. We developed their online class registration and supporting administrative applications. The class registration application keeps track of the current number of openings for each class. As students enroll in a class, the number of available slots automatically decrements until the class is full, at which the application closes the registration.

"The site looks amazing...I also hired an IT manager to help me with the program in my office as well as much needed refinement in how I register students. She was very impressed with the entire set up, especially your end of it."

Rick Sigel, Training Wheels

Give us a call today at 781-837-4121 to talk about how your website can work for your organization.

Keep your website current.

Think of your website as a work in progress. It's a reflection of your business. As your business grows and changes, so should your website.

"I cannot tell you what a relief it is to work with a company that understands my needs and works efficiently to see a positive end result. With all that has been going on lately and the growth of my company, the burden you have taken off off me is tremendous. I can look at my website with pride now and know that it will look professional for my Fox 25 appearance."

Maria Wood, Fashion Focus Modeling & Finishing Program

Once your website is "live" on the Internet, you can use it as your customers' 24 hour source of information on your products, services and organization news. The more up-to-date you keep it, the more likely your customers will come to depend on it, thus saving you time and money.

Our maintenance service will keep your website current, dynamic and attract repeat traffic. Maintenance refers to all changes and enhancements to the text copy, graphics and layout that you require, after the completion of your initial website design. We are pleased to offer this service to our clients on an as-needed basis.

"Believe it or not we have already begun to get sales on the new pennies. We have already sold the Wedding Poem, Santa, and Good for a Hug since you posted them this week. Due to our nonstop changing and your expert advise, our sales for the month of August have exceeded the first 6 months of sales last year. We are up about 300%!"

Copper Memories

If you host your website with another service provider, we will need access to your website's files on your host's server, in order to maintain your website for you. This can be easily arranged.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.